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DeadFTP NEWS 03-13-2002 0.1.3 Release * Fixed bug with saving of firewall settings * Added support for limiting port range of sockets * Fixed problem with loading certain values in settings dialog * Improved format of console log file * Re-added display of login message dialog * Re-added color changing to settings dialog * Fixed issue with queue reordering * Improved how preferences are saved/loaded and used * Added support for changing file modes * Improved proxy interface and socket code * New preferences dialog * Added new status bars to display information on queue transfer time * Added queue clear function * Added (untested) SOCKS4 support * New resume code & new resume dialog * Improved interaction with server and status message is now displayed * Added directory transfer support * Many other bug fixes 04-06-2001 0.1.2 * redid socket code * added quirk for Microsoft FTP Servers * added FXP support (somewhat) * fixed bug in start transfer here * handle wierd file and directory names better * now tests if the server supports resuming on connect * set TOS for data sockets * now use GMemChunk for directory list struct's and GStringChunk for directory list strings. * now use xml-i18n-tools 11-13-2000 0.1.1 * rewrote list parser (again) now use the position of the date in the listing to determine what fields are missing. * fixed problems with some commands being sent with only a \n instead on \r\n (affected operation on windows server) * fixed problem with queue improperly advancing when the resume dialog is displayed * fixed saving the resume preference * fixed so proper info for current host is displayed in the quick-connect bar * detects Serv-U servers and uses different flags to LIST to get expected results * when the connection times out during a transfer, the queue is now reset so the transfer resumes where it left off * fixed disconnects when connecting to a server that doesn't require us to send a PASS command * added start transfer here option to start the transfer with a particular item in the queue * fixed a bug with keeping track of selected rows when reordering the queue * fixed bug with queue starting properly when transfer started in a different dir than the file * now retry if there was a socket error connecting to the FTP server * store where the date field starts in the listing so it only needs to be found once at the beginning of the session 10-17-2000 0.1.0 * No longer disconnect because of minor errors. * redid resume code to work properly on both uploads and downloads * Fixed problems with changing status * When doing transfers, CWD and LIST are now done in the correct order so that the directory list is displayed during the transfer. * Improved remote rename * Changed list parser function to handle server that don't send user or group * Now use gnome_config for preferences * Fixed bugs in the behaviour of the stop button 09-16-2000 0.0.9 * Fixed bug 113452 (Threads not cleaned up) * Fixed bug 113438 (Load Queue Broken) * changed how data connection cleanup is handled, fixing problems that occurred under certain cirucumstances. * Fixed problem with deadftp not responding to user actions under some circumstances. * Fixed problems with thread cleanup if user presses connect while there is already a connect thread running. * Fixed problems that occured when certain fields (in particular the Filename) were turned off in the directory listings. * Changed all dialogs to use GnomeDialog instead of GtkWindow 08-30-2000 0.0.8 * Fixed bug 112524 (empty dir list when pressing cd .. multiple times) * Host specific values now do something. * Got rid of the Gtk-WARNING that was printed when deadftp started * Browse button in hostmanager now works * now support data connections with both PORT and PASV * Added SOCKS5 support * Fixed bug with saving queue * Can now choose which column to sort the directory listings by. 08-21-2000 0.0.7 * Fixed problem with long FTP readme text being lost * Added support for symlinks * Fixed problem with remote dir listing sometimes not being displayed * Fixed problem with connect time display * Made the local and remote directory listing views customizable * Made the queue listing view customizable * Added rename function * Fixed problem with queue not refreshing when adding a remote directory * Added a stop button to interrupt current transfer * Added local & remote directroy refresh functions 08-14-2000 DeadFTP 0.0.6 * Added Add Current Host button for hostmanager * Hostmanager CTree is now redrawn when necessary * Put socket code into threads so gui doesn't freeze up when we connect/resolve bad hosts * Found and fixed several memory leaks * changed all sprintfs to g_snprintf * Fixed bug with directory list being displayed properly when entering an empty dir on the FTP server * Fixed clipboard monitor and added current selection monitor. * Added Save/Load queue functions * Resume dialog is now only displayed if resume is set to ask * Either the selection monitor or clipboard monitor have options to disable them now 07-30-2000 DeadFTP 0.0.5 * Fixed some non-functioning buttons. * made an arrow pixmap for the cd .. buttons (it looks horrible!! fix soon) * Now show the server motd and other info in a dialog * UI now uses libglade * Hostmanager can now have nested groups and made a pixmap for groups * Changed main window to use a GnomeApp window * Added pixmap for hosts in hostmanager and fixed a problem with selecting nested groups * Fixed problem with app not being able to find pixmaps * Fixed bug which screwed up a transfer if you pressed go when not connected to the server * Fixed bug with clipboard monitor * Added remote mkdir * Hosts added to hostmanager are now displayed in the remote dir area when not connected 07-26-2000 DeadFTP 0.0.4 * Fixed bug with clipboard monitor getting proper local dir. * Increased frequency that the clipboard is checked for URLs * Added some more popup items including mkdir, rename, remove * Added support for adding directorys to queue (no recursive) * Make remove on local side better (recursive dir removal) none on remote side yet though * changed all the ints in the FTP struct that where used as bools to bits in the flags variable * Better DnD support 07-19-2000 DeadFTP 0.0.3 * Patched many memory leaks * Fixed uploading a queue * Fixed a bug in moving to the next queue item when uploading * Changed how selections are recorded so it knows when multiple items are selected. * Added several new functions to the queue popup menu including move top, move bottom, move down, move up. * Added clipboard monitor that checks the clipboard for ftp URLs. * Fixed bug introduced in queue_remove_item by multiple selection code 07-17-2000 DeadFTP 0.0.2 * Added ColorPickers to properties dialog to select colors of text in the console * Added server timeout and made the entry in the properties dialog change the timeout * Added keepalive support with NOP commands and the properties dialog option works to turn it on. * The server combo box is now updated with the CWD * Added connection retrys with delay and count with associated entries in the properties dialog. * Added support for items in the queue being on different hosts and reconnecting appropriately.

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